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Albahith Investment Consultant LLC 

Albahith Investment Consultant LLC 

Albahith Investment Consultant LLC 

About Albahith

Have you ever felt, like you’re on the outside watching others succeed in the trading while you are wondering what you are missing in the uncertainty and complexity of trading, leaving paralyzed, unable to take that crucial step towards your financial dreams

Welcome to Albahith where we turn doubt in to confidence, dreams into reality. Trading is not just about understanding the market, it’s about understanding yourselves.

At Albahith, we do not just provide courses, we offer a journey to self discovery in the world of trading. Imagine a future where your trading decision are driven by knowledge and confidence not fear an uncertainty, think about the satisfaction of seeing your trade sky rocket and the pride of taking control of you financial destiny our approch at albahith is unique, we dive in to that psychology behind trading, equipping you with not only the technical skills, but also the winning mindset to thrive in market. This is about building a solid foundation for a life time of trading success.

Hardev Singh, Research Head

Hardev Singh's Inspirational Journey: From Stock Market Novice to Mentor

I am Hardev Singh aged 73 years, Entered the Stock Market Career way back in 1987, It was merely an attraction to make a fortune.
Unfortunately experienced dismay at the start, but did not give up on my belief that even if 5% of people succeed in this market then I must also be in that 5%.
The turning point for me was when I realized that watching TV Channels or reading financial newspapers is not enough.
I needed to learn the Science of Market to understand the dynamics of price movement.
Hence I began to search for ways, With the advent of the internet life became a little easier while never touched a computer till the age of 45.

The famous saying “Where there is WILL there is a WAY” proved right for me.
I searched & learned bit by bit and also the hard way.

Come & join me to learn about Stocks.

No matter what your career is what position you are in or what your age is, it is never too late to begin the journey take the 1st step.. success will come

Wave Theory

Wave theory, in the context of trading, is a fascinating concept that suggests market prices move in repetitive patterns or waves. It’s like riding the waves of the ocean, but instead of water, we’re talking about price movements in the financial markets. By studying these waves, traders can try to identify potential trends and make informed decisions about buying or selling assets. It’s a powerful tool that can help navigate the exciting world of trading!

In wave theory, the concept is to sell when the price is at its highest point and buy when it’s at its lowest. This approach helps you capitalize on market ups and downs, optimizing your potential gains. By recognizing the peaks and valleys in price patterns, you can make well-timed trades that align with the overall market trend. Remember, mastering the art of timing is crucial when applying wave theory to your trading strategy!

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